#5 North Korea is the TRUTH

This episode is without the incomparable Trent Browett, but Scott and Josh plow through “all” of the history and current state of North Korea.

Sebastian Gorka drops by the pod to say hi.

#4 NAFTA, more like TRASHFTA/ISIS was the Glue All Along

In this episode Trent, Josh and Scott take a long look at NAFTA, and give it a taste of it’s own neoliberal medicine with a scathing cost benefit analysis. Trent takes a look at the real effect it has had on agriculture in both America and Mexico. Scott meanwhile gives analysis on how Canada is navigating the old trumpster south of the border in NAFTA renegotiations. Josh breaks down what happens when you spread yourself as dangerously thin as America has, and how it’s really fucking the Kurds over right now.

The pod is now a month old.

#3 Fresh to Deaf in a Cuban Embassy

This week Scott and the Boys (Trent and Josh) dissect what the hell is happening to our Troops (diplomats) in Cuba. Trent revisits the question of Catalonian independence and how states can maintain legitimacy in times of turmoil. Josh somehow manages to shoehorn  the NFL into this weeks discussion while using the Gates Foundation as a punching bag for his daddy issues.

Trump listens to our Podcast.

The German Question, and Independence in Catalonia and Kurdistan

This week Josh kicks off the show by talking about the largest stateless ethnic minority in the world: The Kurds. Scott takes us on a whirlwind tour through the most recent German Election. Trent is horrified at rich Catalonians being told they can’t just pack up and leave the country because it has poor people.

Paul Cleveland leaves us along for a change, and the show was worse for it.


Trump Versus: Sports, U.N. and Everyone in Between

This week on The Diplomats Son, we talk about Trump ordering the NFL to be humble to the flag, and the U.N. Assembly. Trent and Josh enter the thunderdome, and Paul drops in with some inane liberal bullshit.



Josh is a fucking hypocrite and loves football.