#15 Eyetalian Race Card: Fascism in Italy

On this episode, Zoe, Trent, and Josh take a look at the rise of fascism in Italy. Before that though, Josh goes on a big rant about campus conservatives for no reason at all.


#14 LGBTQ Special/If the Babadook was a week

On this episode, Zoe Easton goes off on a barn burner about homonationalism and educates Josh and Trent. Josh puts forward his theory that America is one giant simulation and there’s nothing the world can do to convince him otherwise. Trent laments the condition of Kurds in the middle east. This show was recorded on Social Justice Day at Trent Radio and we think it’s pretty darn cool that they let us record there so shout to Trent Radio.


#13 C**ck Block like an Egyptian

It’s an Arthur Newspaper takeover at The Diplomats Son this week with Dan Morrison joining the program to talk with Josh about Egyptian elections and explore the psyche of Egyptian strongmen leaders. Josh peddles his theory that all centrist liberals have daddy issues and that the Davos economic summit is the annual “who will be our dad to keep us safe from things that aren’t neoliberal capitalism.” This year, Emmanuel Macron takes that mantle. Also Poland is very insistent that they are in fact, NOT, Nazis. Enjoy the show!


#12 Let’s Solve Israel and Palestine: A Podcast

Okay so the crew doesn’t solve Israel/Palestine, but some would say we get pretty darn close. On this episode we take a look at the sham elections in Egypt. We also highlight Canada doing a good thing by halting weapon shipments to Saudi Arabia. Zoe dumps on the women’s march for not being anti-capitalist.

Trent reminds us that America politics exist.

#11 Why so SYRIAOUS

On this episode the crew talks talks about the shit show that is Syria and the justification for Russia to involve itself into the conflict. Things get a little heated when Zoe addresses the many human rights abuses against the LGBT community within Russia, Josh reveals that he follows a Chechnyan leader on instagram. We also dive into the relationship between white nationalism and zionism a bit at the beginning of the program.


#10 Tasty Tide Pod Treats

On this episode of The Diplomats Son Trent and Josh welcome a new cast member to the crew. Her name is Zoe Easton, and she is a delight. On this episode we talk a little bit about Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Tide pods being a scourge for the elderly, and take a long look into the heart of darkness enveloping eastern Europe. Enjoy the show!


#9 #Sanctions and #Speculation in a globalized word

On this episode of the podcast, Josh and Scott get into a heated debate over alarmism surrounding Donald Trump. Scott brings the heat about sanctions as a military tool, Josh talks about lizard people…a lot.

#8 What the Hell is a Houthi?

On this episode we discuss the history behind the Houthi uprising and what it means today, as well as a brief look into the what the “Saudi Agenda” is.

#7 Our UN Heroes are Dead, Social Media SUCKS

Josh Hates the Troops, and is the premier Steve Bannon Apologist. Scott hates Social Media and wants google to be our mom. Trent Hates the United Nations.

Sebastian Gorka get’s a job on the podcast, making The Diplomats Son a JOB CREATOR



#6 Spook Special: Russians and Neoliberal Ghouls Everywhere

On this episode the boys talk all things Russian, interference in the American election, and their military buildup in other regions of the world. Trent talks interference, Scott talks Russian military, and Josh rounds out the show by talking about the Catalonian independence movement being just another neoliberal plot.

We also got some footage from an intern at the Clinton Foundation.