#6 Anarchy in #ptbo w Food Not Bombs

Dan takes over the program for a week and things get distinctly radical. Myles and Rachelle are representatives from Food Not Bombs an organization that seeks to feed the people. Every week. Rain sleet or snow. They talk about the principles behind anarchism, and the motivation behind Food Not Bombs. Enjoy!

#5 The Arts Episode w Ryan Kerr/Tyler Majer

On this episode of Arthur Hour, Dan and Josh sit down with Ryan Kerr, founder of The Theater on King for the first half of the program, and Tyler Majer, our arts and culture writer for the second. Ryan discusses what it means to be precarious and how to define Art as Work. Tyler focuses on the closure of different venues around town and what this means for the music scene. Enjoy the show!


Precarious Festival

#4 UFO Investigator and Campus Reporter

Matt Hayes joins the program to talk about his research on UFOs and how Canada researched them in the 50s. Lubna Sadek then jumps in with her experience as an international student at Trent University.


#3 The Parkway Never Dies w Clay Duncalfe

This week former writer Clay Duncalfe joins the program to discuss his journey with Arthur Newspaper, The Parkway debate at Peterborough City Council, and the general state of media today. Dan and Josh (mostly josh) bitch about the Student Center.


#2 Jordan Porter, Solidarity Weekend Recap, and Desmond Cole

On this weeks edition of Arthur Hour, Staff writer Jordan Porter joins the program to discuss his career in writing, and why facts matter. Trent Browett then joins the program to talk about Solidarity Weekend and what it represents for Peterborough. Also Desmond Cole has some advice for students looking to fight against racism.