Mission Statement

Hey Folks. Welcome to Trent Variety, the place where you can find three main projects that I’m proud to associate myself with.

For you foreign affairs wonks, go and click on The Diplomats Son, a foreign affairs podcast featuring myself, Trent Browett and hosted by Scott Brown. Together we bring together perspectives from the private sector (Scott), the public sector (Trent) and the fourth estate (me!). Check The Diplomats Son by clicking here.

For people amped about Arthur Newspaper and looking for more fake news to dive into, there is Arthur Hour. Arthur hour puts a weekly spotlight on local events and takes a deep dive into one of the staff at Arthur, their past, their present, and whatever cool story they are working on for the week. Check out Arthur Hour by clicking here

And finally there is good old Trent Variety. A show that I refuse to let die, and will focus entirely on highlighting different Trent clubs and groups every week. Check it by clicking here.

So welcome to Trent Variety, and thank you to the Peterborough Independent Podcasters for helping me get to the point of making my own goddamn website.